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Apps Go Wherever Your Customers Go

Don't force your customers to type in your website, let them access you wherever they are conveniently


People are relying more and more on their mobile devices for everyday tasks - from booking appointments to ordering dinner.  But only a tiny fraction of them actually browse the web on a mobile device.  

Essentially that means your website isn't getting seen by them.

Your app is a 24/7 marketing channel

With your app, customers can do business with you at their convenience.  

And seeing your brand on their smartphone or tablet screen every time they check their device, helps keep you top of mind.

Apps are what people want and use.  Don't get left behind.

Your customers will thank you for it.

A few facts and figures


Traditional Browser Usage

Declining Usage

The usage of traditional desktop browsers has been steadily declining by 1% per year, now at 48%.  So for every dollar you spend on getting your website updated, only 48% will actually see it. Unless it's in an app, now you have the entire market place.


App Usage

Apps Usage Up By 52%

Apps are being downloaded more and more every day.  Folks under 40 look to the app store before they go the web to engage you.  88% use apps.  Are you there?

2014 Mobile Behavior Report
2014 Mobile App Report


Mobile Browser Usage

Do They Use Their Mobile Broswers?

In 2014, less than 12% of mobile users actually used their mobile browsers to search.  They simply don't like touching those small keys, backspacing, auto correct - it's too frustrating.  Don't make them do it!  But an app is just one touch.


Live Updates

Engage People Realtime

98% of mobile users want information their way, easily accessible.  When you make changes to your website, our app updates automatically - live!  No extra coding required.  So end users see changes the moment they launch the app - convienient.

Our App Versus Others


Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

How much would a native app cost?
It varies depending on the complexity of the app but anywhere between $5000 and $500,000! Don’t take our word for it, Google it to see.  But our prices are no where near that regardless of the complexity because even if you spend a million it won't result in anymore downloads then if you spent $1000.


Our Reputation Is Important Like Yours

We don't compromise on quality.  Our client satisfaction is 100%.  So for those who think you need to spend a lot more to get quality, ask yourselves would Mercedes Benz or Hyundai, who use our apps, settle for less?  We help you look good and keep it that way.  We just don't believe in stinging a customer by overcharging.


Don't Marry Your Developer

Other developers will ask you to sign a maintenance agreement or charge you an arm and a leg for any changes you want made.  You end up feeling helpless.  With our app, there are no extra fees and you make all the changes you want to the app yourself.  Once paid, the app is completely yours.  Can't get any easier than that.